Closing Real Estate Deals Online During The Lockdown with Umar Aiman & Joseph Chan

The Malaysian government had once again announced the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) effective 1st June 2021. The full lockdown had restricted many economic and social activities to efficiently improve the number of covid-19 cases in Malaysia. The restriction includes the real estate industry as it was considered a non-essential service. Thus, with that being said, the real estate agents are now allowed to operate physically nor to attend any physical real estate activities, such as meetings, showings and inspections. The lockdown had clearly discouraged the activities and movement of the real estate agents in Malaysia.

It is highly unusual to transact a real estate deal without any physical viewings as that has always been the normal practice in Malaysia and other parts of the world. However, with the lockdown order in Malaysia, chatters has occur on the possibilities to close a real estate deal online without any physical viewings. Clearly the response were overwhelming with some agents claiming it is not possible, while some others were optimistic and believe in the potential of selling real estate online.


We had structured a plan, together with our partners, on how to close real estate deals. The plan was a success as many of our partners managed to close real estate deals online during the lockdown just after executing the plans and strategies. The plan took lots of ideas and discussions between us and we are excited to share with the other real estate agents on the plan which includes – preparation, execution, closing.

Mudah Property invited Umar Aiman, Senior Real Estate Negotiator of Kith & Kin Realty, together with Joseph Chan, Co-Founder of Kith & Kin Realty to talk on a LIVE platform to share the plan and strategies with more than 500 real estate agents throughout Malaysia and the feedbacks were never better. The real estate agents are closing real estate deals online after executing the plan.

Check out the full video of the LIVE sharing here;


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