Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Why Join Us?

Becoming a Real Estate Negotiator is a very exciting and challenging career. It promises lucrative returns for those who work hard and do not give up. Many have been successful in this field. Some started as ordinary despatch and now become an extraordinary real estate consultant who sells houses and buildings worth millions of ringgit !! Some are also former engineers who now manage a real estate consulting team and sell hundreds of units of developer housing projects. These are some of their stories, why not make it as yours too !!

We Are A New Generation Of Real Estate Agency, Born To Elevate This Industry In Malaysia.

We are on a mission to provide exceptional experiences to our customers, co-agents and partners. Kith and Kin Realty believes in empowering us so that we can give our best to others. The meaning behind Kith and Kin is about friendship, family and togetherness. Together we are all committed to our purpose, mission and dream.

Why Join Us?

We have these great facilities to bring you upward:

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This Is Why Becoming Real Estate Negotiator Is The Right Career For You

Financial Rewards

This is one of the reasons why many want to venture into real estate agents. Did you know, real estate agent commission is 3% of real estate selling price. Let's say the house price is usually in RM300,000, then the professional fee is RM9000 !! That is the same as the salary of a Manager.

Flexible Time To Spend With Your Family

You have been working from 9-5 everyday. That's not the case in reality. In reality we are overworked. We do not have time for our loved ones. Becoming a Real Estate Negotiator does not grant you more time. It however, gives you the opportunity to control your time and have much more flexible lifestyle.

Career Path

Becoming a Real Estate Negotiator offers you a promising career path. You have the opportunity to be promoted as a Project Manager, Team Sales Manager or even one day run your own agency.

Become Your Own Boss

This is the time you should only answer to your self and your client. No more office politics. No more having to see your boss everyday.

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